Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations – Because our mothers do so much for us, we should demonstrate our appreciation more than once a year, but especially on Mother’s Day, we can let Mom know what she means to us. Here are some suggestions:

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

How To Please Your Mom On Mother’s Day

1. Make her breakfast and clean up afterward.

Here’s an easy breakfast: Get some fruit of different colors. Two kinds of melon—honeydew and cantaloupe would work. Cut it up into chunks and serve with a wedge of lime on the side. If you want to be fancy, add a stemmed maraschino cherry on top. If the melon isn’t available, you could use strawberries, which are always in season around Mother’s Day. Buy some cinnamon rolls to go with the fruit. Wrap them in foil and warm them in the oven at 300 degrees F for about 20 minutes. If you must use the microwave, be sure to set it on half power, or the rolls will turn out tough.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

With breakfast, give her some flowers. If they are cut flowers, don’t make her find a vase and arrange them; you do it. If the budget is tight, buy a single flower or pick some wildflowers from your garden, or ask a neighbor who has a flower garden if he or she would give you one.

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Beautiful Happy Mothers Day 2021 Wishes

Mothers Day Flowers Roses 2021

Poems of Mothers Day 2021

With the flowers, give her a sentimental Mother’s Day poem, like this one:
You Let Me Know You Love Me

You let me know you love me
In so many different ways.
You make me feel important
With encouragement and praise.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

You’re always there when I need you
To comfort and to care.
I know I’m in your thoughts;
Your love follows me everywhere.

Thank you for all you’ve done
And given so generously.
I love you, my wonderful mother,
You’re a heaven-sent blessing to me.

By Joanna Fuchs

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Mothers Day Activities

1. Take over all her chores for the day. You may not have noticed what those are, but you will now. Every time she starts a chore, you take over. Say to her, “I love you and I want to show you that I appreciate you on your special day.” Say it every time; she won’t mind the repetition. She’ll love hearing it.
2. Take her out to dinner or make dinner at home for her and whoever else is there. If others are coming over, ask each of them to bring something.

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Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

You’ll need the following:

A green salad. You can buy this in a plastic bag at the supermarket if you want. Some even come with dressing. If the budget is tight, make it from scratch. Wash and cut up some romaine and iceberg lettuce. Add some washed and peeled, thinly sliced or shredded carrots and some washed, peeled, sliced cucumber. Make or buy some ranch dressing. Everyone likes that.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

An entrée. You can cook something if you like, or you can buy a frozen, family size entrée, like lasagne, at the supermarket.

Rolls and butter.

Dessert. Make your own. Something really easy is chocolate pudding—NOT instant, but rather the Jello brand kind you cook. It says “Cook and Serve” on the box. Making it in the microwave is really easy; just follow the instructions on the box. Make more than you think you’ll need. Cook it in a big glass bowl so it won’t boil over. Put it into individual servings. You can use little dishes if you have them, but you can also use juice glasses or wine glasses. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until serving time. Buy a can of whipped cream and spritz some on the top of each serving.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Or you can buy a pie or cake from the bakery. Serve with vanilla ice cream, if appropriate.

If Mom drinks coffee, be sure to make some.

3. After dinner, surprise her with a gift. A personalized gift is nice. You can find some nice ones at personalizationmall.com. They have a special section for mothers. If the budget is tight, go to the dollar store. Or go to a used bookstore and get her a book by her favorite author.

4. Finally, tell her you’re glad she’s your mom. I know it’s hard to express feelings for some people, but it will mean so very much to her. Moms are like that. You cannot know how much time is left with her to tell her what she means to you. She could be around another fifty years or she could be gone tomorrow. Just say something like, “Mom, I just want you to know I’m really happy that you’re my mother. You’re the best.” Or whatever feels right to you.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

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Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Do these things, or even some of them, and you Mom will have a great Mother’s Day!

Making Mother’s Day Special –
Beyond Breakfast In Bed
The Origins of Mother’s Day

Celebrating mothers and motherhood is by no means a new idea. Societies from ancient Greece to imperialist Britain had their own ways to honor mothers. However, Mother’s Day as we know it was “started” in the early 20th century by a woman named Anna Jarvis. As part of an effort to honor the memory of her own mother’s dedication to pacifism and reform, Anna Jarvis gathered over 400 mothers and children at the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Grafton, West Virginia. From this relatively small gathering on May 10, 1908, was born a tradition that today has spread all over the world.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Happy Mothers Day Activities, Celebrations

Breakfast in Bed…

The origins of ‘breakfast in bed’ are much harder to trace. Who first came up with the idea of honoring someone by serving them a meal in bed? However this tradition began, it has rapidly become a popular way to celebrate birthdays, holidays – and Mother’s Day. There’s just something about the early morning, a warm blanket, and that sleepy feeling which makes breakfast in bed so much better than, say, dinner in bed (which conjures up images of staying homesick).

So go ahead – whip up some scrambled eggs, pancakes, fruit, and coffee to spice up your mom’s Mother’s Day morning. Don’t you like coffee? A nice fruit smoothie is a great alternative which is easy to make and healthy to drink – all you need is some fruit and a blender.

…And Beyond

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Alright, so breakfast in bed is a great Mother’s Day idea – at least for those of us who can actually function at 5 o’clock in the morning. But what about the rest of us, those who would be more likely to set the house on fire than make a decent meal in the early morning hours? Why is cooking for your mother such a wonderful idea? For one thing, cooking shows personal effort, something that’s missing if you just buy a card or send some flowers. After all, our mothers spend hours cooking for us; it’s only fair that we attempt to return the favor.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Mothers Day Celebrations with Mom

Which raises the question: what to cook? Take a look around – you’d be surprised what you can make with common ingredients and a little patience. If all else fails, try this. Grab a dozen plain cookies and some frosting from the local bakery and do some home decorating.

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Missing Mom
Mother’s Day is meant for celebrating, but if your own mom recently passed away, it can be hard to get in the festive mood. The first Mother’s Day after your mom’s death can be very difficult, but there are things you can do to cope with your feelings of loss on this special day. We can’t promise that next Mother’s Day will be easier, but there are ways to make this holiday more positive by honoring her memory each year.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Come together

There are many people who miss your mom and they’re probably all thinking about her as Mother’s Day approaches. Why not invite your siblings, family members or close friends to lunch and share your favorite stories about her? Your get together doesn’t have to be elaborate – talking about her over pizza and soda is perfectly fine. If you’re feeling up to it, cook some of her favorite dishes to share with your guests.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

You might choose to have your memory celebration the day before Mother’s Day. Many female grief survivors participate in Motherless Daughter’s Day on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. This allows the women to dedicate a day to their mothers’ memories and still be available for their own children the next day.

Best Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Spending time with loved ones during sad times is an important way of coping with loss. It helps to know that other people are missing your mom as much as you are. Sharing the ways you remember her will help you realize you’re not alone in your grief. It can also open up the lines of support and make everyone more comfortable in calling each other or getting together just to chat about her.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Instead of having a painful yearly reminder of your loss, why not plan something to look forward to? Organize a small outing for your family each Mother’s Day to a park for a picnic or even a weekend away. Making a yearly donation to a charity on Mother’s Day can help you feel like you’re doing something positive.

You could also create a memory box that contains copies of your favorite pictures of your mom, a CD with her favorite song, a bottle of her signature perfume and her favorite book. You can write your favorite memories about her in a book and add it to the collection. Open the box every Mother’s Day and reminisce about all the things you love about your mom.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Best Activities to do in Mothers Day

Sometimes it can feel like it’s easier to ignore Mother’s Day and not think about your mom at all. While that can be easier in the short term, suppressing your grief can cause more harm than good. When you address your feelings of sadness, you’ll learn to cope with those feelings and not let them control you. Your healing process will be easier and healthier if you’re willing to acknowledge your pain.

If you’re not up to spending Mother’s Day with extended family and friends, don’t push yourself, but be sure you take time on your own to remember your mom.

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Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

On or around Mother’s Day, don’t be surprised if you have a few outbursts. Being easily irritable, snapping at others for seemingly no reason and experiencing crying jags are all normal. Talk to those close to you about your reactions so they understand it’s your stress over the situation, not them, that’s causing you to lose your patience.

Mother’s Day can be very difficult if you’ve recently lost your mom and even if you’ve been without your mother for years. Finding positive ways to keep her memory alive and close will make the holiday a little easier to manage. Remember to take your time and not rush yourself through your grief. Make your Mother’s Day a personal celebration and you’ll always have her close to your heart.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

Mothers Day Poems, Celebrations, Wishes

A day set aside to honor mothers across the land. Since mothers were first given prestige for one day of being told how much everyone appreciates what they do the entire year long, it seems that once again stores and factories have taken over the gesture with penned in advance words and gifts all wrapped up in cellophane and plastic boxes.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

While flowers will always be the first choice of many to show their feelings, this is the time for homemade and hand made. Whether it is a collection of poems written by all the children, grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, it should be highlighted with pictures taken at special moments and adding a handprint is “just a nice touch.”
Mothers come in all sizes and ages. Some are mothers of the first order and others are mothers by circumstance. Whomever you choose to honor on Mother’s Day, make it a day of expression and gratefulness.

Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021
Happy Mothers Day Celebrations 2021

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