Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021

Eid Mubarak Text Sms: Eid Mubarak One Liners SMS, Messages, Wishes, Eid Mubarak One Liners 140 Words-With Eid practically around the bend with your family, companions and family members by sending them Eid Mubarak One Liners SMS in English/Hindi. You can experience the most recent assortment of Eid Mubarak One Liners SMS, Messages, Wishes, Eid Mubarak One Liners 140 Words.

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021

Eid Mubarak Sms Text Message

* Many are the desires

that are being sent your direction,

be that as it may, the is an exceptional one

Cheerful Eid!

*May this Eid brings u

all the bliss





* .___.
/___/I Gift
I___I/ 4 U
Open It
, – . . – . Its
“. “ .” My
”. “ Heart
Full Of Best Wishes

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021


                                                 * .*””*. * “”*. “* Dil ki *” *Gehrayon* “*… se.. *” “*….*” *                                             EID Ka intzar karain.

The bundle of


Is in effect particularly

Conveyed to u

Just to state


May Allah favor you…

what’s more, may you have

a cheerful Eid festivity?

Eid Mubarak Text Art Sms

Let us rejoice indeed
For this is the day of Eid

[CHORUS:] La ilaha illallah
Muhammad rasulallah
La ilaha illallah
Muhammad rasulallah
‘Alayhi salatullah
‘Alayhi salatullah

Children are wearing new clothes
Bright colors fill the streets
Their faces full of laughter
Their pockets full of sweets
Let us rejoice indeed
For this is the day of Eid

Mosques are full of worshippers
in rows straight and neat
Their Lord they remember, His name they repeat
Their hands are raised to the sky
They supplicate and plead
On this blessed day
Forgive us they entreat
Let us rejoice indeed
For this is the day of Eid

People are giving charity
And helping those in need
In giving they’re competing
Today there is no greed
Let us rejoice indeed
For this is the day of Eid

Enemies embracing each other
All hatred is buried
Everyone is celebrating
Greeting everyone they meet
Let us rejoice indeed
For this is the day of Eid.

Happy Eid Mubarak In Urdu

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021


Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021


Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021

* EID MUBARAK ho Aapko

Dher sari tarif aur khushiya mile aapko

Main Ne Chaha Tuje Eid Pe Kuch Pesh Karon
Jis Mein Ihsas Ke Sab Rang Hon Roshan Roshan
Jis Mein Aankhon Ke Tarashe Hoye Moti Lakhon
Jis Mein Shamil Ho Mere Qalab Ki Dharkan Dharkan

Na zuban se,
Na nigahon se,
Na damage se,
Na rango se,
Na greetings se,
Na gift se,
Aapko Eid Mubarak ho direct DIL SE

Tum Eid Manao Saj Dhaj Ke..,
Main Jaise Hon Waisa Hi Sahi,
Jiss Haal Main Hon Main Jaisa Hon,
Na Poch Sanam Ab Kaisa Hun,

Tum Dil Ka Lagana Kya Jano,
Tum Ashk Bahana Kya Jano,
Tum Nazuk Phool Ho Gullshan Ke..,
Tum Aag Mein Jalna Kya Jano..,
Yeh Umar Hai Tere Hansen Ki,
Nahin Ishq Mein Aahein Bharne Ki,
Meri Qismat Mein Hai Dard Sanam…
Sab Seh Lunga Taqdir Ke Gham,,

Majbor Milay Jo Ulfat Main…
Sar Aankhon Par Yeh Saare Sitam,,
Jab RUB Ko Hai Manzor Yahi,,
Tou BISMILLAH Aaisa Hi Sahi..
Tum eid manage saj Dhaj k..,
Main Jaise Hun Waisa Hi Sahi…
Mohabbat se

Chat se

Happy Eid Mubarak Picture Text Sms

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021


Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021


Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021

* Raat Ko Naya Chand Mubarak,

Chand Ko Chandni Mubarak,

Falak Ko Sitare Mubarak.

Chand Raat Mubarak!!

* Eid ke chand kahin aur ujaaley le ja

Mera weeran baseraa hi mujhe acha hai..!

Eid Mubarak!

Appreciate like a kid and be grateful to Allah for he has given all the Muslims with such an excellent day.

You who accept! Enter totally into harmony [Islam]. Try not to follow in the strides of Satan. He is a through and through foe to you. Chand Raat Mubarak.

Eid Mubarak Text Sms Free Download

How Might I Forget You?
24 grins for you, one for every hour so you continue grinning 24 hours at Eid day. Eid Mubarak.

The celebrations are around the bend, and furthermore the time has come to recognize Eid. Eid-al-Fitr marks the finishing of the blessed month of Ramadan. Additionally alluded to as “blowout of breaking the fast, Eid-al-Fitr is a fundamental profound day celebrated by Muslims around the world. Directly here is an agenda of dreams just as messages that you can impart to your friends and family in getting the word out of bliss just as gathering all through.
Allah sees all your penance withing you gift and motivations of various creases up for your family-Eid Mubarak to you and your family. In each common grin and furthermore giggling; In each tranquil petition replied; In each possibility that comes to your direction may Allah favor you outstandingly! Eid Mubarak You that accept!

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021

Eid Mubarak:

The standards you depend on,

furthermore, the longing you love the best.

Eid Mubarak:Your days with joy, your weeks with a thriving, Your months with fulfillment, and your eyes with adoration and harmony! I am needing you and your family unit on this fulfilled festival of Eid! Eid Mubarak! Take delight in like a child and furthermore be appreciative of Allah for he has presented all the Muslims with such a dazzling day.

Funny Eid Mubarak Hindi, Urdu SMS Wishes: Here is an awesome collection of Funny Eid Mubarak Hindi, Urdu SMS Wishes for your friends, family, and others.

Funny Eid Mubarak Hindi, Urdu SMS Wishes.

1. Bail Aa gaya Hay ( ) ,=. \’,,’/ ” :. : :.)\ !,!,!””””!,!,!” *
JIS jisko qurbani meN hissa lenä hay
wo sirf 100 ka balänce bhej kar booking karwa le..

2. I am dreaming of white Eid, with every Eid card i write,
May your days be merry and bright, and May all your Eid be white.
Happy Eid.

Eid Messages Happy Eid SMS Wishes- Wish your family, friends and colleagues Happy Eid. Go through our great collection of Eid Messages Happy Eid SMS Wishes. Enjoy 🙂

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021 Free

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021

It Is Always About Fulfilling Others Requirements

First And Then Looking After Yourselves.

Continuously Invite Others

Who Don’t Have The Resources

To-Do Qurbani At Your Get-Together.

Cheerful Eid Ul Adha 2021!

7. Bakra Eid Special


“Agar Ek Bar Me Gosht Bhej Do


Dobara Mangne Mat Ana”


“Mujh Par Ek Ehsaan Karna


Mujhse Bar Gosht Mat Magna”


“Murmur Tumhe Itna Gosht Bhejenge


Tum Confuse Ho Jaoge K Qurbani Mene Ki Hai Ya Tumne” 😛

9. Eid Mubarak

Agar Tumay Aaj Kal May Sms May Eid Mubarak Kahe

Or on the other hand, Kahe K May Phela Shaks Hu Tumay Eid Wish Karne Wala

To Us Duffar Se Khana Mere Chane Wale Ne Eid Kiya

 Eid Ki B Abi Se Mubarak Kardi Hai.. . . . Mubarak!

principle yaad ker raha hai.

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021 Online

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021

May God fulfill everyone’s life with full of joys on that occasion of did in the year 2021
Eid is basically joyfully for the kids more than the elders bcoz On eid they get money called eidi from the elders
and enjoy eating things from the shops while on did elders enjoy the eating foods in the home because the ladies in the home make delicious dishes on that day
while on did ul Adha is called the sacrifice of the beloved thing which is very close to your heart

Hello everyone. If you are here to search for the Advance Eid Mubarak Wishes, Advance Eid Mubarak Quotes, Eid Mubarak Advance SMS, Advance Eid Mubarak Messages or Eid Mubarak Advance Shayari then you are on the right website. As here we are going to provide you all the STuff on Advance Eid Mubarak 2021.
Happy Advance EID MUBARAK
*,* This
* / ,/’ BUNCH
‘///’,* of
Is Being Specially Delivered To
Just To Say.
“Happy Advance EID MUBARAK”
Advance Eid Mubarak latest Shayari
Eid ai to khayal aya hamain Jane kab bichray huwe log milay Jee main atay hai abhi tum se kahain Eid ka chand mubarak ho tumhain Hum hain khamosh hamain dar hai yehi Lab khulain gay to pukarain gay tumhain Tum ko dekhay huwe sadiyan biti Tum se kehna hai yehi ajj hamain Maangna bhool na jana hum ko Chand ko dekh kay gar hath othain!!!!

Kyun krta hai tu molviyon ko pareshan,
tujhe dekhne k liye be-chain hain Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman,
tujhe dekh nahi paate,poore pakistan k insan,
magar na jane kahan say dhond lete hain Tujhe Peshawar k Pathan….,


Advance Eid ul Fitra Mubarak.
Aj ki Dunya bahut advance hai.
Isi Advance dunya ki advance technology main rehne waley 1 advance
banday ki taraf se ap sab ko

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021 From Computer

Eid Mubarak Text Sms 2021

Tur eccha golo ura bayrak pakhna doti mala,
Dingoli tur jakna keta amni hasa khala,
Aoporno na thaka jano tur kuno shokh,
Ai kamonay bondo tuka Eid-Mubarak.

Eid’er racket aaj sokolee miile kori aamra WADAA… Cholbo sokole khudarii rastay soft drink SORBODA… “Eid Mubarak”

Sukhe dukhe chilam bondhu ami sudhu tomar,

Eat rate kolponate chile 2mi amar.

Loosen up na Busy? Djuice na Easy?

Shari na Shirt?
Cheerful Eid Day


Recall Me In Ur Prayers.


A period for delight,

a period for fellowship,

an opportunity to recall my endowments.

May Allah Bless you and

Give u all the delight u bring to my life!

MaY tHe bLeSsings oF ALLAH,

ligHt uP uR liFe and h0mE,

with pEaCe,

Joy and pr0spEriTy… (:

The expectation that Allah presents his choicest endowments on us,

also, our affiliation develops more ground each year.

Wishing you bliss and success on Eid

As you offer your penances,

I wish that Allah showers his heavenly favors and satisfies everything you could ever hope for on Eid and consistently.

Glad EID

I wish all of you a cheerful and serene Eid. May Allah acknowledge your Good deeds, excuse your offenses and facilitate the sufferings of all people groups the world over

At the point when the sun has set, and the day is finished

I”ll break this chain, yet just one.

Eid Mubarak!!

You are a long way from me and that is the reason

I as a rule miss you

Be that as it may, today I miss you more than expected

Since it’s Eid day

We should be as one

To investigate your eyes and state you

Eid Mubarak.

May Allah favor:

Your days with satisfaction;

Your weeks with success;

Your months with satisfaction;

I think it means “ENJOY in World !!”

ore, your years with adoration and harmony!
Happy Eid-ul-Fitr.

May this Eid bring all the comforts, you have ever wanted, and all the joy and laugher you have ever wished

Beware of another duplicate “EID wishers”
I’m the only authorized iso 2007
certified dealer in EID WISHES
I wish u an original sweet EID Mubarak

Network busy number busy
No signal message, not sent….
That is the thing that we’ll see on the first day of ”Eid”

So “Glad Eid Day” before the surge started.
Do you know the Meaning of EID?
So, In your life, all moments bring EID for you….

Eid is a very joyful moment for all the Muslims because on did day everyone forgets their enemies and hugs them with a smile on face and gives them the greetings of eid ul Fitr. As eid ul fitr and eid ul Adha are the gifts of Allah towards the Muslims Every Muslims but more children are kept on waiting for eid in every year so the wait is over eid is near wishing everyone a joyful eid.

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